Case Study on First Mile connection Delay

How Chennai based 3PL company used ShypVisor for courier API booking to reduce first mile connection delay by 60%?


Operational exceptions such as delay in connection, delay in system entry, wrong consignment details on waybills are common due to manual booking of courier partners in every 3PL company. Manual booking of 100 consignments per day increases the delay in data entry works and the chances of wrong details captured in the system. Everyday at least 3/10 consignments are getting delayed in first mile connection due to complete manual booking by a single courier partner.

This case study explores the improvement and expansion opportunities from the perspective of one such 3PL company looking to manage their first mile transportation exception cases and improve customer satisfaction level as they grow.


Our courier partner took more time for booking all the planned shipments manually using the traditional way of paper and pen. Due to this process everything reached their outbound hubs after the cut off only. Also system entry works were not done within a few hours and the connection happened not on the next day. In addition, some last mile deliveries were affected due to wrong shipment details on waybills.

In the Q4 ‘19, out of 5844 shipments, 1874 (32%) shipments are not connected to its destination on time due to manual booking of shipments which resulted badly in the average TAT for customers. With our courier partner named X, we decided to overcome these simple issues.

Q4 2019 Manual Booking Delay

So as a 3PL company, our challenges were

  1. Increase own hub operational and first mile transportation efficiency
  2. Eliminate pickup delay and refusals cases of courier partners
  3. Reduce count of not connected shipments
  4. Ensure shipment covers all data in way bills

for the successful on time connection as well delivery without exceptions.


Solving via technology such as Automated System Booking of all shipments using appropriate partners’ API (Application Programming Interface). To make it very simplified, created a customized UI (User Interface) in the 3PL software ShypVisor using our own Software Developers team for the Operation Team to achieve one hundred percent results.


The core issue, Delayed Connection has been solved after the successful adoption of API booking. It is probably a better result compared to Q4 ‘19. We’ve reduced 60% of connection delay in Q4 ‘20. Everything has happened on time from Booking, Preparing Packages, Courier Partner’s Vehicle Arrival and also Connection to the destination on the next day.

Q4 2020 API Booking Delay

Results for the Manual and API Booking comparison courier partner X .

Q4 2019 & 2020 Delay Comparison

Now we’ve been experiencing these assured outcomes.

  • Booking many single invoice consignments now became easier.
  • Prior ready shipments. Handed over to courier partners immediately when they arrive for pickup.
  • Partner pickup within a given cut off time.
  • Automatically priority came to our pickup. No refusals of pickup.
  • Reaches courier outbound hubs earlier for dispatch planning.
  • Connecting to a destination happening on time.
  • Last mile Mismatching/Missing consignee details exceptions are avoided quite a bit.

Controlling First Mile Connection Delay of shipments is just a click away

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